Cannon Beach & Portland 2013 003It was a very special day.  Providentially, I was on my way for a rigorous speaking engagement on the Oregon Coast.  It was scheduled during the previous year.  The location and timing were amazingly wonderfully place.  I could never have orchestrated the events myself.  This is one of those wonderful gifts from our Loving and Wonderful Heavenly Father set in place before we mere mortals knew what was going to happen.

Our first grandchild was to be born during the very speaking trip that I had committed to last year.  I was to land in Portland on July 19 and our grand baby was due on July 18.  It was perfect!

My daughter and wife picked me up at the airport.  I was looking forward to my first meeting with the little guy.  My bride had flown out two weeks earlier and had already spent tons of quality time bonding with our newest family member.  I may have been the last relative to visit his new life.

I loaded my luggage into the SUV.  Then, I took my seat in the back next to the car seat.  These modern safety-rich infant seats are amazing.  They look very comfortable and secure.

Lucas was asleep.  His handsome head was protruding from a multiple layer of blankets.  His tiny body was pulsating to the rhythm of his breathing and steady hum of the vehicle on the freeway.

I could not take my eyes off of him.  Each feature I studied with care.  No, I was not memorizing them, I was being totally enthralled by them and him.  

Seeing was not good enough.  I had to touch him.  A gentle stroke on this head felt amazing.  He was warm and soft.  His cheek was bouncy and made him jostle around a bit.

He grabbed my finger and I let him squeeze it.  The warm embrace was a special touch.  Our first touch will never be supplanted by any other.  This was special.

Now, I gazed out the window to remember a town where I had invested two decades of my life, still enjoyed some of the closest friends in my life and now, this was home to my first grandchild.  He squeezed my finger a little tighter.  It struck me deeply that I had fallen in love with a new life with whom I have not yet had a conversation.  Nevertheless, I gladly welcomed the new love-addition in my life.

photo credit: brucefong photography