Straw hatToday began badly.  My alarm clock battery decided to die.  I woke up way past my start time and had to cut out some of my favorite “new day” routines.  I wondered if this was going to be a bad day.

My tendonitis has been acting up so I nursed my wrist along with little to no activity.  Finally, after weeks of babying it I was ready to climb aboard my bike for an early morning ride.  Getting up late because of a dead alarm clock battery had taken an early toll on my day.  It was starting off to be a very bad day.

At the office we all had to say “Good-bye” to one of our team colleagues.  He had just graduated with his Th.M. degree and had been providentially directed to take a new ministry in another city.  Today was his last staff meeting with us.  Farewells are always tough.  This only adds to a bad bad day.

We went out to lunch to climax our parting.  While waiting at a red light, woman rear-ended me.  It was a shock.  We exchanged information and it clearly had rattled my mind.  This was a bad day that could only get worse.

She had the audacity to keep telling me that there was no damage and the impact was just slight.  I kept on being polite even though her judgment was clearly prejudicial.  Do you like pushy people?  Who does?

Traffic was bad going home.  Stop and go and people cutting my off regularly because I leave quite a gap just to feel comfortable stopping quickly.  I felt so vulnerable to others taking advantage of my precautions.  My bad day was dragging on.

When I arrived at home, I took a deep breath.  There is no use infecting my bride with my terribly bad bad day.  I put on a happy face.

Then, when my garage door opened, I was furious.  There, dancing around in my room for our vehicles was a giant cockroach.  It was hopping here and there.

I grabbed what I could, took a huge lunge.  Surely at that range I dispatched that critter.  Nope, it scampered away.  Did I hear that bug laughing?

What was that configuration of numbers?  Rats!  I forgot to update my bride’s registration sticker.  What was worse I could not remember where I had put it.  It surely was a terribly bad bad day.

Hold the phone.  We had take ‘n bake pizza.  Together we enjoyed a meal together and soothed out a very bad bad terrible day.