IMG_2687Numbers are important.  They are not the zenith of all measures.  Nevertheless, large numbers is impressive and is a symptom of something very good.

If a Country & Western singer books a stadium for a concert it is great to sell out the seats.  When the tickets are completely sold out early, that is even better.  Sometimes SRO is the cream on the top.  In any of these scenarios the numbers are important.  An artist likes to have people in the audience if they are to perform.

When we open a business for the first time, it is always great to have customers.  The object of the business is to sell product.  That happens when customers come in, feel at home and then make their purchases.

Returning customers is the best sign of success.  Those who come back, purchase more product, listen to more songs, take in more experiences for their learning are all good results.  When the returning clients bring others with them and there is steady growth over time then that is the best result of all.

Church is like that too.  We like it when people come to Sunday services and bring their friends.  It is heartening to see them enthused with what they experience and learn.

The Global Leadership Summit has been around for many years.  It is unlike any other conference that I have registered.  Each time that I attend, I learn tons about leadership.

My mind is saturated with what I want to do.  It is also jammed with what I do not want to do.  Creativity, tenacity, simplicity, common sense, novel approaches, grids, matrixes and patterns.

Some have chosen not to participate in this conference.  I do not remember the specifics of their reasoning.  Actually, I chose to forget the excuses that they gave.

I gazed at the thousands that were in attendance at Willow Creek, Illinois.  Their thunderous roar when they had a chance to worship, cheer or affirm and it was stunning.  Sure, there are differences.  Who does not have some differences with other leaders?  But, we can learn so much from each other without compromising our own convictions.

Humble people learn from others.  When we respect others and earn respect in return, there is a good result.  After all, discernment is the greatest skill of redeemed leader.  He is not afraid of learning nor overly nervous about association.  Good leaders gather to learn how to be better at leading from any source that they can.  Great leaders lead the way to learn.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography