IMG_2708Buying tickets for a live performance are ALWAYS more expensive.  They are never competitive with a movie or renting a DVD.  Making an online purchase trumps live performance tickets every time.

Choosing a live performance is not about the price of the ticket.  Certainly, the high ticket price makes it impossible for us to go often to something live.  Infrequency makes these times special.

We arrived early to the playhouse.  Parking is tight so we were thrilled to find a convenient spot to the theater and to the IMG_2705exit. We sat in the car for a while.  It was our date night so we enjoyed each other’s  pleasant company in anticipation of the program.

Dinner was delicious.  Mia’s in downtown Houston was meal choice.  I chose the rib dinner.  My bride selected the glazed salmon over Asian salad.

We do not know who chose the best.  Both us shared our choices.  The food was amazing!
IMG_2704The theater opened at 7:30PM.  We wandered in to the Grace Theater in downtown Houston.  The AD Players (After Dinner) were performing Anne of Avonlea.

Yes, this was clearly a date for the joy of my bride who loves this story.  I have seen the movie once.  It was very good.  I would enjoy the story a second time through this wonderful means of live actors on stage.

Anne Shirley entered the stage and fluidly talked through summaries, broke into episodes from that story and threaded the entire performance into a well designed stage performance.  It was splendidly entertaining with many humorous moments along the way.  My bride filled me on some of the story features when I looked a little lost.

One child actor made me laugh many times.  He had an impishness about him that reminded me of another young lad fromIMG_2707 many years ago.   Mischief seemed to follow him.

The stage was simple.  A few minor changes along the way with the storytelling distracting us from the movement made the compact event flow well.  There was joy, sadness, drama and romance all mixed up at once.

For the incurable romantic this play strikes familiar chords, especially among those who are avid followers of Avonlea.  Then, there are the rest of us who just love a good story told well.  If it is acted out in the process, then all the better.  Live performances are special; they are great!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography