How busy has my schedule become?  For the first time in ages I missed a self-imposed deadline on my blog page.  It felt very weird.

For years I have been keeping up a rigorous schedule of writing.  It has been fun.  No, that is too general.  It has been absolutely exhilarating!
The satisfaction of putting life into words has been off the charts for me.  It has given me a new appreciation for the life that I am graced to live.  Each day is an adventure, an opportunity, an expectation and a feverish delight to have experienced.
I was born an optimist.  Joy is a common goal with each new day.  Overcoming and making a difference are daily ingredients to invest in the mix of a great job, a loving family and loyal friends.
There is always plenty of material to guide my daily blog.  Often it is a matter of what to choose more than searching for an inspiration.  Over the years the blogging world has given me the avenue to express my creative musings for any who are interested in reading them.
By the way, thank you, readers.  You have honored me with your time.  If a word here or there has given you a reprieve with any life challenges, painful trials or regrettable nasty people then, I am very pleased.
For some reason my life has hit a confluence of obligations and activity that has surpassed any such moment in the last 7 years since starting to write these missives.  I missed yesterday’s blog!  I felt it.  It nearly stressed me to consider that I would miss my deadline.
Sad is not a sufficient term to describe how I felt.  Nevertheless, I was doing my business with care.  Time just did not allow creative time on the keyboard.
There will be more days like this one.  My calendar is packed during certain intersections of appointments and obligations.  Instead of worrying, I just look that much more forward to joining my world of blogging that much more the next time that I can use the keyboard to turn my thoughts into digitized word on a screen.  Thanks for joining me on this pilgrimage through life.