IMG_2728So many of the hours of my life are surrounded by man-made stuff.  Asphalt, concrete, sheetrock, polyester carpet, synthetic curtains, sheet metal cars and fluorescent lighting.  Life finds balance when I can break away an immerse self in the splendor of creation.

I revel in those opportunities that thrust me back into the roots of my faith.  When the beauty of creation surrounds me, I sense great relief.  Relaxation comes with personal worship.
It was a four drive away from home.  The many miles melted behind the rental car.  Ahead lay the rushing scene of a beautifully lined freeway.  Green grass lay out like a fluffy carpet on both sides of the road and on the median.
The journey led us for many miles through the woods on a smaller roadway.  Deciduous trees formed the woods on both sides of the road.  Bodies of clear water surprised us around several bends in the road.
Ahead, signs of our destination became more common.  After a few wrong turns and u-turns we discovered our final goal.  The setting was beyond tranquil.
The typical noises of the city were gone.  There were no bells, whistles or horns.  Serenity is an engulfing pleasure for the soul to enjoy.
Dawn came early.  Stepping out into the morning air was a blessing.  It was fresh, invigorating and deeply satisfying.
The path led me on my journey.  It would be a quiet walk through the trees.  The lake was ahead of me.  The rising sun was casting shadows along my pathway.
Flowers bloomed on a bush.  Sun rays made squint and look up.  A canopy of boughs stretched overhead and diffused the light.
Sparkles on the water made the lake glisten.  I was looking forward to seeing the mirror effect on the calm glass water. Creation had a special moment on my early walk.
It made me pause and marvel.  Streaming down from the heavens, the sky combined trees, bark, water, sky and ground forming a picture worth drinking in.  Thank you, God, for the special refreshing portrait that refreshed my soul during a very busy time in my life.