IMG_2726Before my alarm clock had a chance to chime, I reached over with plenty of time leftover and shut it off.  I was well rested.  My obligations and responsibilities were hours away.  It was time to take in a morning walk through the woods.

Dressed and washed up I stepped into the warmth of a new day.  The birds filled the dawn with active chirping.  They flitted about from bush to tree to sky.

Gravel crunched under my feet.  A welcome breeze mussed my hair and made the boughs of tall evergreens been, shift and rustle in the air.  A colorful pink bloom decorated the path.

The trail wound down the imaginary topographic lines.  A body of water lay ahead.  Trees made up a forest that I had to walk through to get to the lake.  Everything about the great out-of-doors was surrounding my morning stroll.

The woods began to thin.  Between tree trunks I could see the reflection on the water.  The sun was putting on a morning show.

As the sole star of our solar system made its new appearance for this day, it sparkled on the water.  Powerful rays shot IMG_2712through spaces in the trees. It cast shadows on the ground.  Great black lines all pointed to the blaze in the sky.

I paused on my stroll.  The sun gave me good warmth.  It rose in the Texas sky and promised to scorch our day with temperatures in the high 90’s.  But, for now, it was very pleasant, strikingly showy and blinding off of the water with brightness.

Our sun rose higher into the morning sky.  It began to feel warm.  This was going to be a day that the best time to outside was now and coming to a close.  The summer heat was ratcheting up and promised to make this day like every other August day in the South, hot.

For now I would enjoy the relief that came from the shadows that covered me from the touch of the sun.  Cooler temperatures made the woods a very pleasant place to be.  A gentle breeze came off the lake.  It too brought minor relief from the building heat.

Our sun is a blessing.  At times it can also be a challenge.  Nevertheless, it is what God has assigned to keep track of our days, give us light to see the tasks that assigned to us to do and cast shadows so we can find even in its presence a respite in the shadows of the trees.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography