IMG_2721When the morning is calm, no breeze is blowing and the waters of a lake are as smooth as glass, there is a common phenomenon that we too often overlook.  If we are in a hurry or distracted we miss it.  Yet, if we pause and observe our minds process the vision and we smile.

It is like seeing double.  The sun plays an important part.  It lights up the sky, casts shadows among the trees and contrasts the spectacle that reflects a dual image that is incomparable.

I stood beside the lake.  The reflection in the still waters was perfect. Details of jagged lines of a tree’s foliage lay perfectly still on the surface of the glassy mirror.

Even the fish seemed to allow a moment for the surface to remain undisturbed.  No birds swooped down for a morning catch. Humans were still in bed.

The splendid cloudless day set the blue backdrop that highlighted the greenery with deep colors.  What was around the lakeIMG_2718 was also on the lake.  It was divine canvas where the creator easily called into existence the plants of the earth and now repeated that act with a momentary portrait for the early risers to enjoy.

I could turn my attention toward the east.  As the sun slowly climbed into the sky and shone brightly in my direction, all color faded into a silhouette contrast.  It is a different kind of beauty.

The three-dimensional scene reduces into a two-dimensional view.  Depth is gone.  All that is left is height and width.

Contrast is a big part of a black and white scene.  Nevertheless, the scene is still duplicated.  Identical blacked out treeline is lying in perfect proportion on the surface of the water.

IMG_2719Creeping over my left shoulder is the sun.  Its rays crowd the picture.  It wants to show off its versatility with its light.

Photography is always about the light.  Too much is rarely produces a good photo. However, just the right amount or too little can result a  shot that makes busy eyes pause, rest and drink in the image.

The silhouette could almost be mistaken for a psychiatrists ink blot diagnostic.  What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see this photo?  Me?  I see a treeline silhouetted on the surface of a Texas lake.  What about you?

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography