IMG_2599My smile erupted on my countenance when we were escorted into the dining hall.  We had served with gusto through a week of speaking, ministry, fellowship and worship.  Our team was joyful and in a mood of celebration.

Our hosts had their culinary staff create a feast for us.  It was part of their expression of love and gratitude.  We were blown away.

An Asianesque theme was mixed in with a Polynesian flair.  I had to read the menu to figure out what the courses were.  All I know was that it was delicious!

Tasting good is only part of it.  The presentation was spectacular. Even seashells decorated the table.  Special decanters were used to serve the beverages.

There was a wonderful variety of food.  A crispy outer shell surrounded sticky rice.  I had seconds.

The main dish was a medley of tofu, seaweed, pork and vegetables.  Freshly brewed tea was perfectly blended with tropical fruit and chilled for the sensation of marquee ice tea.  Others had personalized French coffee presses for the Java option.

Our host thanked all of us for our part in the program.  His gratitude made us all feel honored to be there.  We debriefed on the wonderful week of ministry and we lauded their team, their staff and volunteers for a refreshing week for all of us.

My bride and I finished our speaking events.  We were tired but deeply fulfilled that we could be there to serve.  Then, we returned to our room.

IMG_2597When we entered, she was laughing.  I hurried in to see what was stimulating her funny bone.  Without a word she just pointed and kept on laughing.

I grabbed my camera and photographed the creation of the housekeeping staff.  There on our freshly made bed was a towel art.  They had taken the ordinary towels and like origami they shaped these run-of-the-mill towels into a lamb.

That is a touch of class.  These staff members do not have to do the extras.  Yet, they smile, greet us cheerfully, went out their way to wait on us.  This creative artwork was the climax of a wonderful week.

Whether it was splendid meal, a special towel art, a cheerful greeting or extra attention in their service to us, we were delighted to smile back, thank them profusely and do our part on the speaking side and deliver the Word with passion and precision.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography