IMG_2779My computer whirred to life.  I was watching my time for a long commute but before I launched I wanted to check the traffic report.  My destination would require some creative routes to avoid traffic tie-ups.

The Houston traffic report popped up on a map.  Every route to my destination was either color-coded in yellow, orange  or red.  Everyone seemed to headed in the same direction as me.

A major traffic jam blocked the secondary route.  Yet, that computer marked that plan as the quickest  among the three that were available.  At least I had allowed twice the amount of time that I needed to make the journey.

Once on the freeway I took the toll road.  It was clear for now.  However, the DJ on the local Christian radio station warned us all to avoid that thoroughfare.  She was right.

Up ahead, the tollway looked like a modern Christmas tree with a string of red lights lit up as far as the eye could see.  Slowly I crept up and took my place in line.  Like hundreds of others I was waiting in line and paying for the privilege to do it.  That was weird thought.

IMG_2781Then, it started to rain.  Typical of Texas rain, it came down in massive torrents.  That made driving even more difficult.

Massive puddles formed on the road way.  People drove around these water hazards.  Most people drove around them.  A few splashed right through these temporary lakes and sent a spray of rooster tail proportions over their neighboring car.  At least it was entertaining while we crept along at single digit speeds.

Often I would glance at my clock.  I smiled.  There was plenty of time.  My obligations were still over an hour away.  Even a walking pace I would arrive on time.

There is something pleasant about Southern culture that makes these difficult moments manageable.  There were no horns blaring.  Most drivers were keeping a courteous distance in these tight quarters.

A few were aggressively trying to cheat.  One used the shoulder to move ahead of others.  But, by far that majority of drivers were patient and deferring the right of way to the minority exceptions who took advantage of the polite majority.

I like living in Texas for moments like these.  Traffic jams are in every part of the country.  Road hogs and road rage drivers are in every state.  Here, however, there is a greater calm.  I have stop writing, now.  Traffic is loosening up.  It is time to go.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography