IMG_2813Since we have moved to Texas we have chosen to embrace it with all of its culture and splendor.  So much of what is Texan is the blend of a way of life that is richly influenced by Mexico.  Any where you turn, you can hear the language of Spanish.

Families move as one group through a grocery store.  They confer and discuss with a rapid vocabulary that remains disguised from my ears.  Laughter breaks out and hugs, back slaps and friendly shoves reveal a family that is cheerfully bonding and making memories.

Eateries in our great city reflect a cuisine marked by tacos, tortillas and chilis.  Everyone knows of their favorite Tex-Mex restaurant.  They give me driving directions and always recommend a signature dish to try.

Before our main dishes make their appearance, fresh tortilla chips are set out on the table.  Along with toasty chips are two dipping bowls.  One is filled with a bean dip.  It is wonderful.  The other is a salsa dip.  It had a stimulating and wonderful flavor.  Frankly, we enjoyed our conversation so much while we munched on chips that we were quickly filling up before our meals arrived.

Then dinner was served.  Pepper steak is one of the signature dishes of our local Mexican eatery.  They marinate the steak overnight in lime juice.  That process breaks down the fibers and guarantees tender beef slices for the tortilla.

When the waiter brings out the sizzling dish, the fragrance is amazing.  That is my bride’s menu selection.  I just smile and look very sad until I am offered a few slices.  She is so generous!  The streak strips melted in our mouths.

IMG_2812Then, my dish appears.  It is another signature dish that has come highly recommended.  This dish is called Chicken Poblano.

In a green pepper that has been hollowed out is a fragrant mixture of sauce and chicken chunks.  Cheese is a main ingredient to this recipe of course.  Cutting out a piece of the pepper with a bite of the chicken filling was sumptuous.

Our waiter came out to check on us several times.  When we had stopped eating and were continuing our conversation, he asked we would like to order dessert.  We laughed and instead asked for a to-go bag.

Culture was a big part of our meal.  The cuisine was enhanced by the Spanish greeting and salutations.  God made all men and enriched our life on this planet with our distinctive flare for the way we live our lives with amazing variety.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography