IMG_2820We had just finished a wonderful meal at a local eatery.  It had been a very busy week and neither of us had any reserves left to cook the evening meal.  There was not much resistance when the idea of going out to dinner popped up.

It had been a while since we took in the restaurant where we ate.  Each time we liked the food a lot.  We had learned what not to order so our budget would not be blown sky-high.  Sensible choices and our strategy kept the price very reasonable.

Friendly farewells with the staff was followed by a stroll out to our car.  That is when we were surprised.  Outside our steps automatically slowed.  The Western sky was dripping in sunset colors.

Most of the sun was on the other side of the Grand Parkway.  Yet, it was the cause for the night sky exploding with shades of red, orange and yellows.  There was no real focus of the expanse, just amazing colors.

Mixed in the portrait were purples, hues of blue and splashes of pink.  God was putting on a show.  When we paused to take it in we noticed that others were watching too.  Together we were spectators of magnificence.

Streaks of fading sunlight blistered through the sky.  Depending on the layers of clouds fire ignited in different parts of the expanse.  The longer we stood there taking it all in, the Creator kept the showing changing as the sun sank further into the Western horizon.

IMG_2815Then, it was as if someone gave the signal for the climax to begin.  The light show was already stunning but we had not yet seen the Creator in His best form.  Rapidly, speedily, suddenly the sky brightened seemingly by divine command.

If God has a rheostat switch for sunsets then this is what He used.  It was not a bright white light that flash to dilute the colors.  Rather, the colors splashed across the sky engulfing anything that did not have shades of the brighter side of the color spectrum.

Watching this take-over was better than dessert.  It rivaled classic shows on the stage.  This was a live performance at its very best.  The paintbrush of the Master was operating in fast forward.  We lost track of time while we captured the display on digital cellphone cameras.  He is amazing.  This is the One who loves us.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography