IMG_2784My bride and I had a designated day to go out on a weekday night for dinner.  Our schedules are busy and in our weariness we look forward to a date in the middle of the chaos.  One night we agreed to head out for Japanese food.  It is a mutual favorite of us both.

We chose a local eatery. It was just a short drive away from our home.  In the past we had eaten there and had good memories.

When we walked in, we were surprised that there were no other customers.  The waitress greeted us with cheer.  Also, the chef waved and flashed a big smile at us as well.

Once we were seated, the waitress handed us the menus and gave us some time to make our selection.  My bride was curious about the special that was written on the chalkboard when we came into the restaurant.  The waitress was more than eager to help.

She disappeared and returned with the live clam in a cloth towel.  Then, she opened the towel and showed off a sizable shellfish the size of man’s open hand.   That is when the waitress, smiled and simply said, “Very fresh!”

I suppose that when a shellfish is alive and taken from the tank in the back, it can not get any fresher than that.  Then, she explained that the chef divides the scallop into two parts.  The tender part is served raw.

That was enough for me. I was choosing something else.  I like fresh.  But, I also like my food hot.  She could have it and I recommended that she order it.

Soon, the waitress came back with a fabulous presentation.  The scallop had been sliced laid on a slices of lime.  People have told me that lime juice is actually cooking raw seafood, so “raw” is not technically accurate.  Whatever!  If it is not hot, then I am not eating it.

With an eager smile, my bride ate her first scallop.  There was an instant smile and glee was all over her countenance.  She urged me to try one.  “No thanks,” I waved off her overtures, “my food is coming, once they COOK it.”  She chuckled and downed the second succulent morsel.

My hot food showed up shortly.  Naturally, I offered my bride a taste.  She gladly accepted. Then, she went back to enjoy her uncooked meal.  For her, fresh was the feast for the night.