IMG_2831For a year I have been doing a systems dance.  I came to my new position with decades of PC use.  The new job is Apple-centric.

The solution seemed reasonable to me.  I am not a computer geek.  Nor am I a geek in any nerdy stuff.  I just want to work on my system by turning it on and off.

Life did not cooperate.  My simple solution did not withstand the complications and demands of ministry.  Soon work from work bled over to work at home.

At first I was content emailing myself with attachments that needed more attention.  When you do that too often, it is easy to forget which is the current file.  Yes, I have deleted some very good work in the days gone by.

IMG_2834Then, I was introduced to the cloud.  No, that was not an easy concept to grasp.  What?  Where? How?  When?  My IT support team was very patient.  They have even complemented me several times, saying that I have given them problems that they have never seen anywhere else in the entire universe.  I feel so accomplished!

Finally, the synching between the two systems was breaking down.  My older PC’s were not cooperating.  My much newer Mac was soaring.  The inevitable was at my doorstep.  It was time to retire the PC’s.

As a last-ditch effort I set up all of my units at work.  The IT support came in, took one look and chuckled.  “Time to choose.”

How do you say “Good-bye” to a system that has been a part of my life since the 8088 processor?  My first PC laptop weighed 26 pounds.  It was incredibly portable in its day.

IMG_2833Who cares if I used a wheelie bag to cart it around?  Memory?  Sure!  We did not have color monitors in those days.  Amber was all we needed.

Now, the process of transferring information is steadily part of my days.  Quietly, files are being moved.  Backups are moving to a new direction.  Singular efforts are matching my machines.  After all, my I-pad and I-phone already support my MacBook Pro.

My home office has a new guest.  It is my office MacBook Pro, visiting until I can add my own new machine from the Apple line.  Both of my PC’s are in a drawer.  They whimper once in a while.  I understand.  They have been faithful friends for a long time.  Now, they no longer have to beep, flash or go blank on me when the new demands of complicated software pressure the RAM in their innards.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography