IMG_2834The day began badly.  My sleep ended abruptly.  Bad thoughts of my evening before haunted me.

What could cause such a disturbance of a man’s soul?  My computer was not acting properly, of course.  Not being a natural geek has its downside for sure.

Part of the problem was the choice to upgrade a memory-soaking Bible software library.  The Logos reconfiguration was loading a voluminous collection.  That is when a warning sign flashed on my screen.  There was an insufficient amount of free space on my hard drive.

Groan!  Now, my technical prowess was going to be tested to its modest limits.  I need accessible IT support or I might as well return to pen and paper.  Are you familiar with those implements?

My only hope was to bring my three laptops to work and hope that I could snag some time with our IT wizard.  Will has been great in the past.  I hope that he could set my machines up so that they could automatically sync and leave me to my productivity without any more technical trouble.  Yes, I was hoping for a miracle.

Providentially, Will had some free time.  I told him my problems, he smiled and went to work.  There were a lot of “hmmms” and many more “I wonder why…” and of course there was laughter with the comment, “Will you look at that” or “That’s odd…”

Eventually, he gave me the diagnosis.  “How old are these two PC’s?”  Without hesitation I told him the ages.  “Oh, ah, now this makes sense.  Your machines are in the geriatric season of their lives.  They can’t handle the applications that you are asking them to do.”

“You can’t be serious,” I protested.  “Too old?”  That PC might be old.  It is probably about seven years old.  But, the other one, ” I exclaimed with enthusiasm,” it is going on its fourth year.”

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” Will chuckled. “Your machines are ancient.  They are both on an active sensor, waiting to crash when you are the most vulnerable.  I can fix them for a while but you need to come up with a plan to keep your work productive.”

“What do you recommend?” I asked with a sincere dream to turn on the computer, work and then turn off the computer when my work was done.  Who has time to do all that fancy schmancy technical stuff?

“Get me the Geritol and prune solution, please,” that was the best response that I could give.  It is time to completely shift to my Mac.  This day was coming.  I tried to avoid it.  But, it is time to eat the apple.