IMG_2903Long days are usual for me in the post that God has given to me.  Our team is wonderful and I enjoy our co-laboring in the Lord.  They are tireless workers, they help each other, they are cheerful as they do their work, even when it comes time to overtime, they do not hesitate to jump in with enthusiasm.  Nevertheless, the days of our workdays are long.

My responsibilities pour into the weekends as well.  While our team observes 4 ten-hour days with Friday as our official day-off, I fulfill my obligations as a representative in our local churches.  This means that my preparation time often consume a good chunk of Friday and Saturday with the delivery accomplished on Sunday.

It was a Monday after a bushel of 7 day work weeks.  I was tired.  My faithful truck navigated the heavy rush hour traffic.

In the background I had a local Christian radio station giving me some soothing music to relax my mind and spirit.  Even a few impatient drivers cutting off other drivers including me could not cause me to build up any more anxiety than the months of never-ending labor had stored up.  Then, God gave me a gift.

Ahead, the sun was setting quickly into the Western horizon.  Suddenly, the sky lit up with hues from the red side of the color spectrum.  The clouds enhanced the display.

The sun was half-way submerged below the horizon.  A layer of clouds rested just above the fiery ball.  The splash of colors and light were magnified by the cumulus formations.

Striking rays of blistering light shot out from the grey layers of airborne moisture.  Above the clouds the sky was radiant with oranges and yellows.  Highlights of white light outlined billowing cloud formations.

Wisps of other thin clouds were nearly diluted by the bright setting sun.  There was no chance of rain tonight.  But, the light display gave me a show to enjoy nearly half of the long commute home.

It was easy to let the cars around me pass.  I was in no hurry nor eager to join them at speeds well in excess of the limit.  This spectacular sunset was a gift from the Creator and I was going to enjoy it during every mile that the display was on the stage of creation.

This was not just a show of creative proportions.   It was therapy for my weary soul.  The Almighty was massaging my soul and it felt good.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography