IMG_2912Have you ever wanted to visit a new place but were too busy and did not have the combination of an invitation or least a half-baked excuse to do so?  I have a list of places in Texas that I want to visit.  It is not a short list.

On that list are special places with a reputation that feeds my curiosity.  Yeah, curiosity killed the cat. I know that adage.

Have you heard the come back?  It is just as satisfying.  “Satisfaction brought him back.”  I will go with the come back.

A new friend invited me to visit his alma mater.  We were just going to meet for

IMG_2914lunch in the faculty diner.  That is when he suggested his favorite place in the city, Rice University.  Yay! That is a place that is on my list to visit.

Lee gave me directions.  My Executive Assistant mapped out my route, where to park and what building to look for when I arrived.

I was early.  That is a habit of mine.  It was forged into my being decades ago.

It gave me an excuse to wander around the campus.  Inside the building where we were to rendezvous there were a number of historic displays.  I read, marvelled and wondered.

This University is not huge.  Yet, it was laid out carefully, thoughtfully and done with quality construction.  It is a beautiful campus.

There is good reason why their website invited people to take pictures.  Rightly, they say, “We are proud of our campus.”  A stroll on their grounds substantiates their hospitable invitation.

Time was drawing near for my meeting.  I found the waiting room.  Shazam!  It was stunning.

The furniture was coordinated. It represented a age-old vintage from long in the past.  Elegance is the word that came to my mind.

Of course it was comfortable, bountiful and spotlessly clean.  I felt that I needed to sit with very good posture.  Can a room layout and decor actually make a person feel that way?


That was only the beginning.  I glanced up at the ceiling and it was amazing.  Who puts that much work into a ceiling?

Sure, it was not a blown in popcorn ceiling.  Rather, a craftsman put together the design, etchings and collaborated with a painter to make that product a masterpiece.  No doubt some supervisor was shouting out instructions as well.

I was staring.  Is that polite when a work of art is on display?  That was my best excuse.  This was a wonderful visit to a remarkable destination.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography