IMG_2915It is in my blood.  The halls of academia have a powerful pull on my spirit.  When the lives of quality young people gather to learn from those who are gifted at teaching, it is a confluence of humanity that reflects the quality of the Creator’s touch of His image.

When I get a chance, I take the opportunity to walk the grounds of educational institutions.  Some times when those opportunities prove to be elusive I make the opportunity happen.  Grabbing a visit to a well-known institution at the invitation of someone who already loves that University, college or seminary is a cause for a smile.

Lee and I had a fabulous time of fellowship around great food.  Our initiation intoIMG_2917 each other’s lives is on the beginning.  There is no doubt we will meet many more times.

When our time together was done, he gave me directions to the Rice University book store.  He showed me on the campus map where I wanted to go.  In addition he suggested a longer route.

With a smile of a proud Rice Alumnus he said that I would enjoy walking through the campus quadrangle.  He was right.

IMG_2919I made my way through the tree-lined grounds.  Mature and stately trees had years of careful management.  Those who know about nurturing these slow-growing flora sentinels had done their jobs well.

The campus grounds were beautiful.  Gardeners had planted annuals in the flower beds to splash spectacular color for adoring eyes and weary students alike.  Large expanses of lush carpets of grass made breathing an easy task.

A long outdoor corridor invited me to continue my stroll.  In the shadow of aged IMG_2920arches I had my first glimpse of the quadrangle.  Students scurried about.

I joined the mass movement of learners and lecturers.  Conversations in foreign languages surrounded me.  Books were everywhere.

From the map in my hand I hoped to walk through the library as a shortcut.  I was denied.  Since I was a visitor without credentials, I was not admitted to the library.  I walked around that building.

Inside the student activities building, the aroma of franchise food options filled the air.  Students poured over books, imputed data on laptops and grabbed a few z’s until their next class.  Learning was in full swing.

I stepped into the store and shopped.  A mission was about to be fulfilled.  My bride had requested a Rice University T-shirt and I was going to comply.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography