IMG_2928Church was over.  It was a powerful moment in our week when spiritually we were refreshed and charged up for the next six days.  We travel 21.6 miles each way from our home.  Yet, it is well worth the effort.

Worship is stunning.  The sets that the team puts together along with the excellent vocal and instrumental support is outstanding.  Visual accents just make it better.

Updates on all that is happening in our church is encouraging.  So many are plugged in and believe that church is a place to serve to get the most out of our Christian experience.  People around us are friendly, unusually friendly for a church that is so big.

Of course our pastor is fabulous.  His preaching is inspiring, educational and riveting.  His sincere care for those of us in the church family encourages us all.

My bride and I walked out of the evening service feeling refreshed and revived.  After we climbed into our truck, we pointed the nose of our ride toward home.  That is when we were both shocked.

The sky had turned bright orange.  A massive cloud was passing over our part of town while the sun was setting in the West.  From our perspective it looked as if there was just a ribbon of empty sky banded by the thick impenetrable cloud layer above us.

The underbelly of the cloud looked as if it were on fire.  Plumes of smoke capturing the shadows of the setting sun rays created a spectacular image.  This was not just a photo opportunity, this was living color as only the Creator could do it.

The signal light turned red.  I had to stop.  Quickly I pulled out my cellphone, switched on the camera just as the light turned green.  There was on a second to hold up my phone.  I did not have time to frame the shot.  By faith I touched the shutter and hoped to capture a sensational photo.

For the next several minutes we drove into the sunset.  But, the living scene was starting to fade.  As fast as the sunk sank in the West, the colors overhead drained away with it.

The Almighty is so big.  He is huge.  It makes you feel like all of your troubles and challenges are very small by comparison.  That is comforting.  I know Him who made it all and He holds me in the palm of His hands.  It is a very good place to be.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography