IMG_2931I am not usually a flower kind of guy.  Like most men I love the reaction that flowers automatically cause in my wife.  Women stop life to adore flowers that are presented to them.

Therefore, fortuitously, I join real men who are thinking of the woman in their life and then buy flowers.  We thrive as foragers, gatherers and hunters.  In our busy days providing for our family, giving flowers is a selfless act done solely for the benefit of another.

Yet, there is something about a special flower that appeals to me.  Orchids are unique.  They attract my attention.

When I am off on a photography excursion, these special blooms make my lens pause, snap several frames in rapid and thoughtful exposure and honestly make me marvel when the images recall our intersections in time.  In a world of big, powerful and fast-moving things, the delicate orchid defies the dangers of life.  It radiates a remarkable beauty amid the threats of our daily duties.

There is something about the shape of these flowers.  Horticulturists have carefully categorized these magnificent plants, distinguishing them from other flowers.   While the Creator has magnificently composed an endless variety in these special lines in these shapes, there is something similar to them all.  These glamorous flowers are stunning.

Of course there is the color.  Orchids come in all sorts of shades and combinations of the rainbow.  Some are delicate, like pastels.  Others are strong and dominant.

Fragrance is a big part of the orchid family.  When I have strolled into a greenhouse full of orchids, the fragrance is very pleasing.

They scream exotic!  Maybe there in lies much of the mystic of these highlights of beauty.  Each variety hints of origins from tropical islands in the paradise of our imagination.

There are places in our mind that we would love to visit, endure a lingering vacation if we could just afford the time or expense.  For a moment in our imagination, we hear a thundering waterfall filling up a splendid swimming hole.  The pond is surrounded by lush vegetation, ripe fruit hanging on low branches and ocean beaches within eyesight.

In our modest homes, living exceptionally busy lives we finish our excursion in our fantasy world.  Our love in this life smiles while she cradles the new gift.  Together we sigh, thinking of far off places that gave us a brief breather together.  This was a journey shared in our minds just because of a simple exotic orchid.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography