Copy of IMG_2946A wonderful season has swept over the land.  It is a change from the blistering hot temperatures of the summer.  Now, the coolness of the new days settles us in for the long commute into work, the bustle of getting ready for school and the remarkable days of beginning everything new.

Fall is a favorite time of year.  It is the season for planning, anticipating and enjoying.  Our calendar rules the day during this time of year.

Emails fly with relatives who are hundreds of miles away.  Our fun conversations map out on the schedule when our times-off can correlate with the holidays.  We have to get on to the airplane schedule and set up arrangements for family time.

Special meals are the topic of so much conversation.  Favorite dishes, sumptuous recipes, unique sweets and by-popular-demand main courses are highlighted.  I get hungry just reliving the conversations.

The grocery stores are decorated with seasonal produce changes.  Often I first notice the price changes.  Favorites that were so common in the summer are becoming scarce and much higher for a lot less.

These delectable choices like asparagus, peaches, nectarines, artichoke, cherries, blueberries and plumes are disappearing.  Now, the few that are still available are smaller and the servings are in noticeably smaller quantities.  A short season of fresh corn on the cob signals this seasonal transition.

Now, the Autumn options began to make their appearance.  Wonderful winter squash appear.  Washed, sliced and sautéed with onions and special seasoning makes eating healthy very attractive.

Pumpkins come into the markets.  They are comical gourds that signal the football season and the coming family favorite of Thanksgiving.  Jack-o-lanterns blink from pictures, candy shelves and Halloween costumes.

Family recipes of pumpkin pie invariably bring a smiles to people looking forward to seeing grandpa, grandma, siblings and distant cousins.  Variations of the old recipe make their way into the gatherings.  A simple occasionally new entry can expand family traditions when everyone gets a taste of something new.

Jackets become a garment of necessity.  Rain, wind and cool temperatures call for the storage of shorts and flip-flops.  Our favorite T-shirts go into storage bags.

God reminds us that as the season change so do we.  Our days are being spent.  Only He knows when those days have reached their limit.  In the meantime He allows us to enjoy the whole process of growing older with fun shifts in the seasons.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography