IMG_2983We were headed toward our shopping destination.  The large parking lot gave us a ton of options for finding the perfect slip for our car.  A car actually pulled out from the closest spot just as we turned into that aisle.

Once we stopped and I shut down the car, we both noticed an oddity.  Actually, it is  not so odd.  We have noticed the phenomenon many times.

First, we could hear the sounds.  It was loud.  In fact some would call it deafening.

Birds, hundreds of birds were saturating the space around us. The trees were filled with these feathered animals.  They were not afraid of us or any of the other humans around us.

IMG_2984Instead, these birds also felt comfortable enough to roost on the cars around us.  There was no fear even when people approached their cars.  They did not fly until the doors unlocked and opened up.

Even after the humans were climbing into their machines, the birds cawed as if annoyed.  They simply fluttered to the next car and turned their noisy irritation at the disturbance.  It was an Alfred Hitchcock moment for sure. Do you remember The Birds?

The feathered animals did not show the common fear of humans in the movie.  They almost had the opposite disposition.  As the story unfolded, these critters even took a hostile stance.

The feeling of being surrounded was apparent to us.  These birds were all calling at once.  Have you ever noticed how sound nullifies the effort to be at peace?

We humans like our tranquility.  There was none here in the parking lot.  Something had drawn hundreds of birds to flock together here.

Moving vehicles and people did not disturb them.  If anything we wondered if we were in their way.  They moved out of our way eventually but only after we closed the distance of comfort and safety.

I stomped my foot a couple of times at some especially bold birds.  They only cocked their head and stared at me.  I accepted the challenged and walked directly at them.  Only then did they move with the reluctance of school-ground ruffian.

We were spared any birds on our car.  It was one of the very few that did not serve as a perch for this feathery convention.  Still I kept wondering what was this phenomenon?  It was not unusual here in Houston to experience it.  Another mystery that the Creator has put in His world for us to ponder.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography