Our list of errands was not overly long.  It was about normal for a Saturday, our one shared day-off.  Running down those necessities in life is fun, especially when we can do them together.

Shopping for the basics in life takes up a number of those slots on our “to-do” list.  A man learns to pace himself through those seemingly endless walks down aisles filled with unnecessary items in order to discover the important ones. The floors of those buildings are saturated with Kryptonite and suck the superpowers right out of us “real men.”

None of us would really attempt to measure the cost of shopping if we measured that investment by the dollar/hour of our expended time.  We men are highly-trained, multi-skilled talented professionals.  Any products that we secured with the value that we bring to the adventure would make a package of something or other nearly a priceless purchase.

Our list was complete.  The last stop on our way home would be the gas station.  After our running around town the car needed a fill-up for the next week of activities.

Weary from knocking off the morning chores, I pulled up to the gasoline pump.  I exited the car and went through the routine motions of filling up our tank.  Once I started the pump and saw the numbers both of gallons and cost rolling up, I paused and looked up.

Like most people, once the pump is doing its work, we just stand around and wait.  Some people look down.   Others look around.  This time for some unknown reason, I looked up.

It was a splendid masterpiece painted by the hand of the Creator.  An ordinary day of errands gave me a picture perfect moment of awe.  There was nothing special about the portrait.  Yet, there was everything amazing about it.

The blue above was stunning.  It was mixed in with clouds of cotton candy, white puffs of moisture that served as a canopy over the busy lives of people scurrying about below.  Texture and density added to the variety and grace of the arrangements of the heavens.

The endless skies met the earth at the horizon.  Tall trees reached up to touch the world of birds and Celestials.  It was a ragged line but reminded me that His world and His touch are a part of our days.  It was just an ordinary Texas day with a spectacular view of His amazing creation.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography