DC 2 110On this day not many years ago, a special life was born.  She was the object of great joy to many who were blessed to have her in their lives.  Those lives are countless by now.

There was family of course.  Lives of siblings who share memories of laughter, growth, changes, joys, thrills, additions and wonderful adventures.  Multi-generations emerged and those who enjoyed an aunt and now great aunt added to the memories of a special life giving joy to so many others.

Then there were friends.  Loyalty, devotion, service, consistency and commitment are gifts given and shared with this special life.  Amazing discernment, wisdom and faithfulness were capstones of what many treasure from their days of friendship with her.

image (2)I was blessed to enjoy many days of falling in love with her.  Together we saw God bless us with many adventures in learning, travel, ministry and amazing blessings to both see and experience.  We did those together and they never would have come into my life without her as my bride for decades of joy together.

We were exuberant when God gave us our own brood of little ones.  Every day was filled with the superlatives of growing, laughing, cheering and loving on each other.  Tough times saw us tenaciously persevering together.  Joyous times found us laughing together.  Painful times saw us draw tight together in mutual defense.  That repeated word “together” has been following through years and years of trusting God together.

Over the years she has had students in Sunday School, private Christian school and public schools enjoy her skill to teach, unending passion to love and constant protection as she prepared them for life.  There were many hugs, treats, attention for anyone in need and persistent wisdom on how to live life better.  Colleagues in the hall of learning were also the mutual beneficiaries of a comrade in teaching, cheers for those difficult moments and always a listening ear for a little compassion.

This season of life has us in a sweet spot of service.  So much is beyond anything that we would have ever described or hoped to have dreamed.  Yet, it is wonderful because we are still sharing it together.

Happy Birthday, Yvonne!  I love you.  Enjoying life and HIs goodness together with you is an honor and an unending joy.

photo credit: brucefong photography