IMG_2929Our radio interview was completed.  We exchanged greetings with our on-air hostess.  She is a consummate professional in her world of broadcasting.

Even though the total time at the station is relatively brief, the intensity of the interview is taxing.  Concentration is high. Messaging is concentrated.

We record two different spots to be aired in the next two weeks.  Trying to sound spontaneous, animated and fresh is mentally challenging.   At the same time we keep our subject matters focused so that there is very little duplication.  We need to sound like we are a week apart even though the recordings are back to back.

Everyone was happy with the final product. We smiled, exchanged our pleasantries and concluded with our farewells.  When we left the studio we knew that we were hungry.  I let my staff member choose the lunch destination.  We were heading for Middle Eastern cuisine.

During my travels I have enjoyed walking the lands of Israel.  Feasting on the table fare of that ancient land was always an adventure.  I was looking forward to scanning the menu from lands on the other side of the planet.

When we arrived, the little eatery was filled with people from that part of the world.  The aromas that wafted throughout the establishment were wonderful.  I could see the roasting meats on slowly spinning carousels behind the counter.

Slowly the line of customers melted and soon it was our turn to order.  I tried to steal glances at what the other patrons were eating as we passed their tables.  Then, a fast glance down the overhead menu made me smile.

There in featured position was the meal of choice: LAMB!  I love lamb.  Since I was a youth this has always been a favorite.

We sat down to wait for our order.  It came in a timely fashion with the an aroma that made me salivate.  Roasted to perfection the lamb was waiting eagerly for me to dive in.  I did not let it cool down much before wrapping it in bread and enjoying the wonderful flavors satisfy my palate.

The procedure is part of the experience.  There are a lot of fingers and few utensils.  Just tear a part of the bread that meets your approval.  Tuck in a few pinches of greens, chunk of grilled tomato and finally include several delicious pieces of lamb.  Eat away and enjoy the company and conversation with your table friends.  Social interaction with good people just add to the delectable table fare.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography