IMG_3052The decision was obvious to me.  I had several watches that were not running.  The batteries had given out.

Now, these keepers of time were sitting in a drawer.  I had an epiphany, “What a waste!”  That is when I dug out a few watch tools that had accumulated over the years.

If I could carefully open these watches up and not lose any of those miniscule parts, then perhaps I could find replacement batteries.  Should I be successful then I could have optional watches to wear.  If I failed and ruined any of these time keepers, then I would not have lost anything since they were laying unused any way.

That’s how a resourceful mind thinks.  What can I do cheaper than buying something new?  Hey, I am created in the image of God!  I can do this!

When the back of one of the watches came off, I was thrilled.  Then, something flew out and I heard it fall into my office garbage can.  My garbage can was full of papers, envelopes and discarded junk mail.  It would be like find a needle in a haystack!

Carefully, I turned and unpacked the garbage can, carefully shaking the papers.  Then, I saw it.  It was a rod, a spring-loaded rod.  Can man make things so tiny as this?  Sure, and it was a necessary part of putting my watch back together again.  When I reached out to retrieve the part, it rolled off the paper and disappeared in the dark folds of the remaining papers.

I returned to the careful search.  Again, I saw the elusive part and successfully snagged it on my second attempt.  Whew!  I am not used to working in a world of miniatures.

Four watches later I extracted all of the dead batteries.  I replaced one and proudly wore my now-working time piece for the rest of the day.  The other three watches have weird batteries.  It is time to shop at a specialty store and get these wristwatches back on my wrist to do their duty.

I stopped by two stores during my battery hunt.  Neither store had the batteries that I needed.  It may be time to stop by a specialty store.  The thought crossed my mind that I may have to reassemble my four watches and bring them all to a watch shop and pay someone else to do what I was almost able to do on my own.  Rats!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography