IMG_3054Our workdays are usually filled with fun, laughter, cheer and encouragement.  We all have our tasks and almost all are facing greater to-do lists than the hours in a day allow.  That kind of busyness encourages us to help one another, cheer each other on and to work hard at our own responsibilities.

We laugh about our unofficial “official” motto: “Any reason for a party!”  Someone may bring in snacks to share, announce a special day or just call for a month of birthday recognitions.  We break out the napkins, plastic wear and paper cups.

Our parties are not long.  Everyone seems to know that this is normal practice so that we can look forward to many more “breaks” in our busy days to “party” for one reason or another.  This reason for our overwhelming cheer overflowed in further recently.

One of our office staff members brought in his family pet.  I do not even remember its name.  But, if it was called “Cutie” it would have been very fitting.

His family pet was a hedgehog!  Yes, this bundle of cheer just begs to be petted.  Some of God’s creatures just lend themselves to be touched, felt for amazing softness or just the connection of life to life.

Naturally, I grabbed my cellphone camera and took a snapshot.  Most of the photos are blurry.  The little guy was constantly in motion.

I sent the photo to my family.  Everyone raved about this life form.  One comment was to make it the new Seminary Mascot.  I suppose that we could dub him the “Hedge of Protection”.

Another exuberantly exclaim, “Oh, I just want to touch and pet him.”  When God created this creature, He gave it a little panache.  Some animal repel.  This one attracts.

When it is calm, his quills are not a danger.  But, when it gets excited or senses danger, it will curl up into a ball and the quills straighten out and become very prickly.  It is this creatures defense mechanism.

Yet, it was the animals face.  Those two black eyes are filled with curiosity.  They were constantly looking for the next adventure.

His tiny nose was the fastest moving feature in its adorable body.  You could have put music to the movements and rhythmically tracked its antics.  This hedgehog was a fun visitor to our campus and left a smile on many faces.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography