IMG_3214Life has many mysteries.  Many we have heard about but nothing heightens our senses like our first hand experiences.  That is a good way to explain my first foray as a grandfather.

I used to think that grandfathers were old people.  That is a notion that I have jettisoned very quickly.  Yes, as soon as I was notified that my daughter was expecting, I decided that grandfathers are very young!

My life was not blessed with a lot of interaction with that generation ahead of me.  I saw a picture or two but I do not have many memories.  Certainly there were no conversations that I had with my grandfather.

I hope that if God’s good grace allows many conversations await my grandson and me.  In fact besides just talking I hope that there will be many shared experiences.  Planning those touch points is not a problem.  What has surprised me are the many moments of pause.

Both of my parents are gone.  On the paternal side of my immediate family, I am the aged one.  Yikes!  That is a scary thought.

But, fear does not dominate my thinking much.  Instead, I am often amazed when I look into my grandson’s eyes.  He is pure, innocent, simple and with only potential in his body.

There have been no disappointments, no hurts no pain with people or tragedies that have scared his soul.  Hopefully, I can help him negotiate any of those inevitable tough times in life.  In the mean time it is time to bond with this third generation.

I hold him on my knees and I am amazed that I love this little life so much and we have not even had one intelligible conversation to date.  But, when we hug it is full of life.  Our checks squish together and the warmth and freshness of his cleanness easily breaks out a smile on my face.  His wiggling around and purring sounds melt my spirit.

When he laughs, I drink in the sound of his cheer.  His giggling is not couched in words just overflowing with happiness.  Each time his eyes focus on something, his little brain is making notes, growing his curiosities and trying to form the endless parade of questions that grandpa will get to answer.

Whatever privilege I have to pour into his soul the wisdom of the ages, I will do so.  Maybe we will sit on a dock with fishing poles in hand as he fills my heart with inquiry and I fill his life with life experiences that will make his life very beneficial to the lives that he will touch.