It was time to head to the airport for a reserved flight to Newark, NJ.  As I drove the 38 miles, I was pleased with my strategy.  The traffic flowed smoothly and I arrived at the airport with two hours and twenty-five minutes before my plane would take off.

Then, I got to the airport for the shock of my life.  I walked into a building that was buzzing with people, luggage being dragged and people sounding off with short tempers.  My briefcase was in tow along with my single wheeled baggage.

IMG_3278The line of people that was to my left was enormous.  I thought to myself, “I sure am glad that I am not in that long line.  That’s ridiculous.

Reality set in when I approached the check-in area for my airline.  The line that I had been walking past for the last 1/8 of a mile was the line that I needed to enter!  Argh!

Hurriedly, I walked back.  Many people who I were passing me were going to be in for the same rude awakening that I just experienced.  Finally, I arrived at the end of the line and took my place.

Scores of people flooded past me and formed into the even longer line.  People stopped and asked if I was in the line for the airlines that advertises cheap prices.  “Yes, I am.  Sorry!  The end of the line is way behind me.”

People were trying to cut in line.  Then, Houston police officers starting showing up.  They were not working for the Transit Authority or the Airlines.  The only reason that they were there was to keep order in the line.

The group that was arguing and complaining to one of the airline agents who happened to be trying to sort out the lines never did realize that if they had just stood in line with me that they would have passed their spot where they were arguing and be making some real progress.

Check-in only took one hour and thirty-three minutes.  TSA gave me pre-screening clearance.  That allowed me to sail through security without even having to take off my shoes.

I was waiting at my gate for fifteen minutes when the group of complainers showed up exhausted and still complaining and announcing that they would never fly this carrier again.  I just put on my noise-cancelling headset and turned on the switch to listen to some great praise music until the boarding announcement was called.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography