IMG_3342Not everyone is comfortable walking into the desert while it is still night.  The darkness that shrouds the vast expanse of Southern Texas can be hazardous for the unaware.  A pack of howling coyote can erupt the panic and fear in the life of even the bravest of men.

It was not a time to be careless or naive.  My walk was with the right equipment and my destination was planned with precision.  I was confident that I would not only be safe but the expectation of my objective kept me on track.

The double-track was clear.  I had clipped a light on the bill of my hat.  It lit  my way so that I would not stumble or take the wrong path to my destination.

A chair waited for me.  It was just in time.  Early morning light was starting to highlight the trees around me.  The darkness was being challenged by the sky that was starting to glow with a new day dawning.

Over the next 30 minutes the light of the morning sky grew brighter.  It was just a simple contrast with the pitch black grounds around me.  Then, the sky began to show up in bright yellows and orange hues.

A distinct tint of purple fled the fiery ball that was rising in the East.  Like a blazing spotlight surrounded by the spectacular blasts of a sky that looked like it was ablaze, the sun was taking center stage.

Now, the night had lost its grip over the land.  The threat of danger from what the darkness hid was being overtaken.  Instead, of looking left, right or behind, my eyes were taking in the rising of the sun.  It was amazing.

No matter how tough life gets, gazing at the erupting of a sunrise of a brand new day is an elixir available to anyone who gets up to watch it for free.  While the light flooded over my small plot of land, I felt warmer, happier, satisfied and hopeful.  Mix this experience with the joy of prayer, strength from contemplation and the cleansing of meditation for the beginning of a great day of recharging my energy.

I found myself smiling.  It was an involuntary physiological response. Beginning makes us all hope again.

A few strands of high clouds was the canvas for God’s painting a new portrait of the day.  It captured the stunning mixture of colors.  Those features are simply the features that make up what is beautiful.  Take in a sunrise soon.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography