IMG_3365When I checked the weather forecast, the temperatures would start out in the low 50’s and climb to the mid 60’s.  No precipitation was coming our way all week.  The winds were mild.  It was a perfect day for my first motorcycle ride of the year.

Early in the morning I pulled my bike out of its parking spot in my garage.  With a can of cleaning and polishing spray in one hand and a clean rag in the other I set about bringing a gleaming shine to my faithful riding stead.  It take long before the pride of ownership made me smile over my Kawasaki Nomad.

All of the fluids were topped off.  My air pressure in the tires were spot on.  All of the lights and signals worked.

Next I pulled up my chair and positioned myself at the back of the bike.  It was time to update the plates and tags.  After tightening a few bolts and nuts, I was ready with a legally registered motorcycle.

Finally, I gathered my riding clothes.  My jacket was ready to go.  Boots were shined and very comfortable.  Gloves fit like they should.

My helmet went on and cinched up perfectly.  Of course my sunglasses added to the safety of riding into the sun.  Then, the all important ignition.  My Silver Dragon roared to life.

Bikers feel the eagerness of their machines.  It is like they have a life of their own.  Pulling, growling and pushing forward, they are ready to ride.

My garage door closed behind me.  I put the machine into gear and rolled on the throttle.  Power under control with the lean into the curve ushered me out of our neighborhood and on to the interstate.

An 18 wheeler rumbled by.  I did not feel any danger next to such a menacing brute.  Instead, I throttled up and roared past the road hauler.

A BMW scooted on to the freeway at the next interchange.  He was in a hurry.  Dodging cars he was merely glancing at slower cars around him.

My thumb was on the button of my air horn.  I was ready to press it if that driver swerved into my lane.  It must have been the first time he actually used his rear view mirror.

His RPM’s dropped dramatically.  That Beemer fell behind quickly.  I was glad that I had my fluorescent green safety belt on for this early season ride.

The road opened up in front of me.  24 miles later I pulled into the parking lot of our DTS-Houston campus.  It was an exhilarating ride.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography