IMG_3277Soon I will be on a plane and heading for a distant foreign country. I will enjoy myself immensely but I will be working hard too. Each morning I will speak to our pilgrims and give our traveling guests a word of encouragement.

Getting to that special Land and encouraging our pilgrims requires a substantial amount of planning, execution of those plans and oversight of an immense amount of detail.

Paperwork is important.  Identification is essential to this journey.  Photo ID is the ticket.

Clothes need to be selected carefully.  Real wash and wear works best for me.  If I have to I can shower in these amazing fabrics, hang those clothes in the tub over night and wear them fresh the next day.  They are amazing.

Layers work the best.  A tight weave fabric fleece serves both as a secondary or final layer.  Then, an outer shell that both insulates and sheds the rain is worth gold when the weather turns sour.

My parka with lots of pockets works great whether the temperatures drop or rise.  Versatility is the name of the game.  Traveling as light as possible makes sense, so whatever gear I bring needs to effective and easily stowed in very limited luggage.

Of course I have to take my camera.  Who knows when a Pulitzer shot will be captured by my lens?  There’s even a chance that some wildlife photography, my favorite subjects will be around.

My work is my preoccupation, however.  I am debating about paper notes or I-pad notes.  If I decide to go high tech, this will be my first attempt to do so on an international trip.

A few things can go wrong while in a foreign country when it comes to anything e-dependent.  Just charging the unit via proper plugs, adapters and current changes is a big deal.  At least with paper notes any loss of one presentation does not nullify the whole package of presentations.  Humanly, I am leaning toward paper notes.

Our paperless culture will force me to look for paper.  That makes me laugh, since I have a stash of paper in the corner of my office that I have not touched for months.  Paper was such a great invention.

My goal is to be well prepared for my journey.  I want to deliver the best experience for my pilgrims as I possibly can.  My prayer is that this visit will be life-changing for everyone who climbs aboard my bus.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography