IMG_3155It was time to bring in my pick-up truck for the dealer’s servicing.  This event has always proven to be extremely reliable and fairly efficient.  Dropping by before work would be just the time frame to get the job done before heading off to my office.

As usual the reception was timely, friendly and informative.  Now, I just grabbed my briefcase and headed into the waiting room to get a jump on my day’s busy schedule.  The virtual traveling office sure is a blessing.

Once my correspondence and reports had all been filed, I took a break to rest my eyes and relax my brain.  I gathered my belongings and slung them all on to my shoulder.  It was not a long walk.

Casually, I looked over a new truck in the showroom.  It was sleek, shiny and souped up with a lot of options.  When I opened the door the smell of a new vehicle captured my attention.

Then, I looked over a new sedan.  It was the flagship of this brand.  Naturally, I loved the lush comfortable feel of the driver’s seat.  The dashboard was well laid out and it sparkled.

My casual spirit quickly disappeared.  Ahead of me was an amazing view.  It was in every sense of the word, Fantastic!

The lines were stunning.  Proportionally, this new car shouted domination.  Fast was all over the display and it was not even moving.

Power was under the hood.  No one would create a masterpiece like this and make it slow.  No doubt the COG was tuned to maintain high speeds around the tightest curves.

Special tires promised the kind of performance that drivers dream about having under their control.  The lights commanded attention.  Details and tolerances boldly claimed in silence and only by sight that beauty here was all about dream driving.

Just when I approached the driver’s side door did the subtle sign bring me back to reality.  This was only for display.  No one was to sit in the very locked up car.

All I could do was admire this creation of man’s great craftsmanship and engineering.  It was beauty at its best.  Eye-candy does not get any better than this machine.

It is possible for man who has been created in the image of God to love a machine.   We humans love our cars.  There is something peculiar about this, yet, truth is truth, even good truth.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography