Israel 2014 IFL 045There is a captivating view from the top of Mt. Carmel.  It is the transition from that amazing Biblical site to one of the most startling prophetic sites.  When our minds, bodies and spirit clash with the tranquil present and the inevitable future, we feel the weight on our soul.

Once the all of the past Old Testament history of Elijah was climaxed and the oohs and ahs were completed, it was time to re-frame the  beautiful view from on top of the mountain.  The Jezreel valley is a testimony to the diligence, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of the Jewish people.  It is a lush valley of highly prized agricultural productivity, state of the art fish farming and multi-crop annual harvesting.

IMG_3448This peaceful world-class horn-of-plenty land will play a featured role in the divine plan of God.  One day a man identified as the Anti-Christ will rise up and win a level of popularity on the world stage that defies the imagination of all of human history.  He will politically and economically exercise dominion over the whole earth.

Loyalty to him will eclipse normal explanation and spill into the realm of unabashed worship.  That political religious furor will erupt into open defiance to Jesus Christ.  A battle will ensue in this valley, the Battle of Armageddon.

Just to the Southeast of this location is the ancient town of Meggido.  It stands as the sentinel over this valley.  Hence, the name Armageddon.

In all of my trips to the Holy Land, this is one of those locations that I must pause in a moment of reflection over this eventual battle.  Man will attempt to fight the Savior, the Son of God with armor, man-made weapons and a defiance that reveals their spiritual bankruptcy.

IMG_3449Jesus will merely speak a word and the battle will be over.  Those who defied Him and embraced their sin and their human leaders will die.  Divine judgment will end the march of sin in  a horrific moment of tragic loss.

Light will rule.  Darkness will fall.  The world will be awakened to the blindness that corrupted the lives of many.

Yet, God grace and mercy through the Savior will win the lives of many.  Through the faithful witness of faithful believers, those who choose to believe will be granted mercy and forgiveness forever.  This is the end of the time of Tribulation.  The new beginning will usher in 1,000 years of joy in which the world will relish.

photo credit: brucefong photography & cellphone photography