Israel 2014 IFL 076Sure, it’s the water.  People are always drawn to the water.  Like a glistening jewel it sparkles, refreshes, quenches and promises life.

The history of man’s activities is marked by events by the water.  On the shore, on its waves and through its weather, great bodies of water have marked the permanent etchings in human history.

Now, the Sea of Galilee certainly qualifies for this special status.  It has been the place of miracles, prayers and turning points in Christianity.  Here was where Jesus touched lives in history and keeps on touching lives today.

When we disembarked our bus in Tiberias, I could hear the water lapping on the shore.  Catching a glimpse of the water is a necessary hunger when visiting the Holy Land.  Our Savior spent many moments on these waters teaching, exhorting and demonstrating the faith that is at the heart of my life.

Early in the morning I stepped out on our balcony.  My camera came alive when the morning sun glistened on the surface of the Lake.  Seagulls swooped through the air and gave a special blessing of life to the expanse.

Israel 2014 IFL 072No pilgrim can come to the Land and not breath in deeply and treasure the anticipation of walking on grounds surround this remarkable location.  Our buses stopped at a vantage point high on the Eastern cliffs of the Lake.  It was here at this elevation, thousands of feet above the surface of those waters that temperature inversions play havoc on the waters.

With very little warning the warm air inverts with the cool air strata and send vicious winds tumbling through the ravines and valleys.  The acceleration of the gusts rip over the waters and turn a docile lake into a tempestuous storm.  Even those who make their living on the lake are at the mercy of those gales that have taken uncounted lives.

Jesus slept through such a storm.  When He was aroused by his terrified experienced seaman disciples, He merely spoke a word to silence the winds and to still the waves.  That action alone made it into inspired Scripture and it occurred right here on this Lake in front of us.

Is our faith that certain in what God the Creator can do?  When we are caught in a fearful storm of natural or human proportions, are we more afraid of our circumstances or are we resting in His great strength to protect us?

photo credit: brucefong photography