Israel 2014 IFL 125The road sign was a welcome indicator to all of us on the bus. We had entered into the town of Nazareth. This was the home where Joseph and Mary we betrothed in marriage.

In many respects this is the town where so much of our real faith began.  At least it was the beginning of the new beginning.   God’s promise for the redemption of man started in Eden.

Nevertheless, the plan for the reconciliation of man with God required a satisfaction for the sins of man.  This meant that a sacrifice of eternal proportions was needed.  How does one find both perfection for a sacrifice and an actual death of such perfection?

God answers the impossible search by giving His one and only unique Son.  Jesus is born Israel 2014 IFL 129 of a virgin. This simple statement means that a human life begins, then it can die.  At the same time this life is protected from the sin nature with the Holy Spirit overseeing the conception.

For ages this miraculous truth rests in the hearts and convictions of generations of believers.  It is unbelievable yet miraculous.  The redemption story requires this inexplicable historic event.

The right woman to bear this child is Mary.  She is betrothed to the ideal righteous man to be her husband, Joseph.  She is total submissive to God in this divine strategy.  He is totally loyal and loving to Mary to believe the story and assume his role while protecting Mary through the standard social morass of a gossip and whispers.

Israel 2014 IFL 118Today’s modern Nazareth is couched in traffic jams and shops vying for business.  In contrast is a special plot of land set aside to recapture ancient Nazareth.  People herding beasts of burden, in costume locals portraying the craftsmanship of a carpenter’s shop, common workers harvesting olives, weavers working on a loom and others grinding grain.

Here ancient tools, pottery, furniture and buildings transport usIsrael 2014 IFL 142 back when a young couple are arranged for marriage.  They are excited and eagerly looking forward to a future together.  Yet, God finds their life of faith and righteousness ideal for His plan of destiny for the world.

God would send His angel to deliver a message to each of these two individually.  He would bring peace and faith to them so that obedience and courage would emerge from the both and together.  All the world would be forever blessed because of their choice.

photo credit: brucefong photography