Israel 2014 IFL 153There are many ruins in the Land of Israel today.  Archaeological digs are happening in many parts of this country. Construction by law is stopped when new foundations uncover a potential site that would be of interest to Antiquities.  The leftover relics and broken down buildings are of some interest but the events that took place there are especially fascinating.

Our buses rolled into the very small parking lot for a visit at Capernaum.  This ancient city was the headquarters for  Jesus during His Galilean ministry.  It was also the home of Peter, Jesus’ disciple.

The miracle of the lame man who was lowered through the ceiling took place here.  A foundation of the traditional home of  Peter is marked by the church built over the location.  Wrapping your mind around all of these great events calls for a moment of personal contemplation.

Many of  us who love the Savior are stunned at the archaeological discoveries.  Two synagogues were dug up here.  One was built on top of another.

The color of the foundation stones are different.  Their distinct separation shows the different times when they were inIsrael 2014 IFL 154 use.  Once a location for the synagogue was designated it was rebuilt in the same spot after an earthquake devastated the previous one.

This habit of rebuilding in the same location leads us to conclude that when Jesus was in Capernaum and teaching in the local synagogue, that He did so on the very stones that we were standing during our tour.  This sends shivers down my spine every time I have strolled over that synagogue floor.  Standing where Jesus stood and seeing the town before Him, looking into the  eyes of people searching for spiritual truth and giving them the words of the Father is a treat.

Israel 2014 IFL 155Off in the near easterly direction is the Sea of Galilee.  Up the westerly slopes of  the rising landscape is the site where Jesus likely gave His sermon on the Mount.  Nearby is a possible location of where Jesus fed the 5,000 after multiplying the fish and loaves.

God called me many years ago to speak on His behalf in this world.  He did not call me alone.  Many others answered the call to serve Him as well.

Reviewing that calling here on the synagogue floor where Jesus taught stirs my spirit.  He has captured His Word for all the world in the Scriptures and gives all of us who ministry an extra boost with special visits to remarkable places like Capernaum.

photo credit: brucefong photography