IMG_3489The build up to the most important event in the Christian calendar is nothing less than mind-blowing.  Months before Easter Sunday arrives, followers of the Savior plan, rehearse, organize, design, administrate and delegate.  Colors, music, printing, rehearsals, meetings, construction, purchasing, distribution are just a few of the activities that blend into a blur of fast-paced dust-creating calendar-filling moments in the fellowship of Christians around the world.

Do not let the flurry of busyness fool you.  Easter is far more than a single event.  This historic life-changing episode is more than just one more day on the calendar.

There are holidays and then there are holidays.  Sometimes we get a day off from work.  Schools shut down to give students a break and families time to connect.

Routines are interrupted to recognize a day in history, lives that sacrificed themselves for others or a ritual for our culture.  All of those occasions are wonderful.  They give us a chance to enjoy those closest to us and reflect on what is most important in life.

Easter stands above these calendar highlights.  This occasion is more than a reason to party.  The celebration will never be overshadowed by colorful eggs, rabbits or marshmallow chickens.

All those extra trappings are fun.  I have enjoyed a tasty treat or laughed at the discovery of a plastic egg filled with treats or given a solid chocolate rabbit to a very grateful child.  Yet, these happy moments lift the real reason for this special day.

Jesus rose again from the grave on Easter.  Three days after He died for the sins of the world, He rose.  His Resurrected life made it possible for all of us to put our faith in Him, have our sins forgiven and inherit eternal life forever.

This truth is more than a memory of a historic moment.  It is instead the memory of a new beginning available to all.  His grace made possible for every human being on the earth.

This great news crystallized when Jesus was Resurrected.  It is His Resurrection that is at the heart of the Gospel.  That is why Easter is more than a single day that is celebrated.

Are you enjoying the days until you can enter into eternity through Jesus’ righteousness?  It is not a matter of being good enough or not that bad.  Rather, it is a recognition that the impossibility of being holy or righteous are made possible because Jesus is our substitute.

He did it all and we benefit from His sacrifice through faith in Him.  Believe and enjoy not just a day but an eternity.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography