God is Always Just
Joshua 10.16-42
Part 2 of 6

God always gets it right. He never blames anyone incorrectly. Any whom He judges, deserve it.

When we consider what justice is, we usually agree that it is giving a person what they deserve. In other words, they are given their due. The challenge is deciding what a person deserves and who makes that decision.

For example, an incident occurred on Friday morning April 4, 2014 at Santa Monica, CA High School. Wrestling Coach and Science teacher, Mark Black, confronted a student in his classroom who was selling drugs. Black threatened to call security.

The student pushed Coach Black. A physical wrestling altercation ensued as Black pinned the student drug dealer to ground. Another student began to video the event and posted it on the Internet.

Superintendent Sandra Lyon saw the video. She immediately suspended Black calling the episode “utterly alarming”. Furthermore, she expressed support for the student and his family.

Most of us are shocked. We quickly side with the teacher. Superintendent Lyon reversed her decision once she realized that she only saw part of the story.

When injustice occurs, we recoil. Something inside of each of us comes out blazing. We want to see justice meted out.

More later…