God is Always Just
Joshua 10.16-42
Part 3 of 6

Five kings of city-states in Southern Palestine have been living as enemies of God for their entire existence. Now, they form a confederacy and attack a people who have a treaty with Israel. Joshua leads his fighting me to come to the aid of their allies.

It is not a matter of not treating them too harshly. Judgment has come and these five kings meet their sentence from a holy and just God. No quarter is given.

The five kings abandon their own troops and hide. But, they are discovered by the Israelites and held until the battle with the enemy forces is concluded. Only a scattered few of the enemy escape death.

These few who escape are a testimony to God’s mercy even when it is undeserved. All of us who live in the aftermath of our imperfect lives pause often and marvel at God’s generosity to us. He gives grace while people never forgive or forget.

More later…