Israel 2014 IFL 233The timing of our entrance to the Holy City was perfect.  We had been traveling throughout the Land of Israel for several days.  Our spirits were drinking in the spectacular sites and stories of old.  We were now ready.

Our buses made the steep climb up from the Jordan Valley, near Jericho.  The schedules in our hands announced that today we would arrive in Jerusalem.  Jet lag was under control and cameras were poised.

The driver and bus shepherds were synchronized.  Freeway signs pointed to the tunnel entrance to Jerusalem.  The meter markers alerted us to be ready.

At the appointed time the tour guide turned on the sound system.  His eyes met the bus shepherds.  The smile said it all.

He pressed play.  The song began.  It was the masterpiece, The Holy City.

The bus emerged from the tunnel. Before the eyes of all on our coach the city of Jerusalem unfolded.  Amazing lyrics lifted our hearts to the special place that this city has had in history, in our faith, in the prophetic Word of God and in the lives of people who traveled from all over the world to be here on this tour.

There was no talking on the bus.  The words of this majestic song filled every crevice of the bus.  Countenances told Israel 2014 IFL 237different stories.

Some were just happy to finally make this once in a lifetime pilgrimage. Others were holding back tears as the meaning of this place bombarded their minds.  Still others prayed quietly for the peace of Jerusalem.

I felt a deep honor to be their bus professor on this trip.  Through the past few days and into the next I would be privileged to begin each day with a devotional talk from the Word.  Now, I could focus on this city and the amazing things that happened with the lessons for all time that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, taught then and now.

Israel 2014 IFL 241To grasp the expanse of what we would cover, the buses converged on the Israel Museum.  On our first day in the City we would tour the model of ancient Jerusalem during the time of Christ. Under the beautiful skies of Israel this scale model shows the surrounding walls of the city.

Included is Herod’s Temple.  Everything in the model is 1:50 scale.  It covers over 21,000 square feet.

Imagining the movements of Jesus and His disciples is a marvelous experience.  The topography of the area helps seal in our mind the events of those days.  This spectacular city is now becoming very familiar.

photo credits: brucefong photography