God is Always Just
Joshua 10.16-42
Part 4 of 6

Joshua brings out the captured kings of the armies that he has just defeated. He calls over his officers and instructs them to put their feet on the necks of the vanquished. This is not brutality but a symbolic act of domination. Their faith has brought them to overcome a superior force that would have struck fear in the lives of other armies.

The spiritual lesson is that fear never had a proper place in facing off with these men. They were powerful but the God that they trusted not only overcame the enemy but also overwhelmed them.   When God tells us not to fear, then He will make us realize that we have every reason to trust in the final result as being good.

If we live lives of obedience, then we can have confidence that God will defeat all of our enemies. A current victory that comes from an act of obedience is a reminder of what the future will be. Fear and discouragement have no chance of existing when faith and obedience drive the life of a follower of God.

While some may find Joshua’s actions rugged, note that he was swift in his orders to execute the kings. There was no torture or brutality. The executions were swift.

Furthermore, note that the five executed kings were buried. Their bodies were placed in the cave where they hid. Then, the cave was sealed. It was respectful in the end.

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