God is Always Just
Joshua 10.16-42
Part 5 of 6

The Scriptures write the history of Joshua’s military campaign. It was an amazing success. The entire region was subdued.

Whether the terrain was the plains, the hills or the foothills, Joshua conquered them all. The enemies were vanquished. God’s enemies received their just end.

So that no one would mistakenly call Joshua a blood lust general, the Scriptures make it clear in the beginning and in the end that the LORD had commanded this destruction. These people were under the judgment of God’s hand. The tactical battle plan was credited to God.

From an overview it is helpful to remember that the holiness of God must be satisfied when unrepentant sin is in the picture. Being nice and lenient is before the sentence on sin is passed. God’s patience has a limit.

When God’s patience turns into His movement to demand justice, then time has run out. God was with Israel and the swift and successful campaign speaks of a divine intervention. God fought for Israel and made this stunning victory possible.

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