Israel 2014 IFL 244

Touring the Holy Land is a lot like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hydrant.  More is gushing by than you really have a chance to drink to quench your thirst.  But, we do what we can at the moment.

On tour number 4 a helpful injection of occasional pauses in the fast-paced tour were very helpful.  On our first day to the Holy City we stepped back from the Jerusalem Museum and the helpful model of the Ancient City.  We went up to a hill just opposite the City of David.

When our pilgrims disembarked and a few sites were pointed out to orient everyone to the view before us, we let everyone take some time.  It was deliberately planned for them to have personal time and reflect over what they were seeing and about to see.  This was no longer a model but the modern-day city with its storied past.

I sat on a large stone and scanned the view in front of me.  It was David’s City.  This outcropping reminds me of a bulge.

Some where in this landscape twelve disciples followed the Savior.  They knew that the foreboding of His death was the purpose of His journey, yet, they did not know how to respond to that knowledge.  Each day they tried to stay close to Him, weigh their hopes against the exposure to the fearful thought of Him being taken away from them.

Here Jesus was accosted by the legalisms of the religious leaders, the power of the Roman Empire and the sinful greed and pride of men.  The Savior loved them all.  In return He was insulted, victimized by slander, brutalized by gossip, conspired against by wicked men and eventually tortured and crucified.

But, God and only God can take the worst that man can offer and turn it into something that is eternally good.  Not only can the God of creation grow roses out of manure He can make eternal salvation for all men possible through the ignominy of His one and only Son’s death.  That all happened here in the scope of this portrait of the City.

I was here when it happened.  Represented by the mysterious seed of Adam and a beneficiary of the Sovereign plan of the Almighty my eternity was altered dramatically because of an act of God so long ago.  Sitting on an ancient stone and viewing this magnificent city those are the valuable moments in my mind.

photo credit: brucefong photography