Joshua 11
Part 1 of 6

Alexander the Great was a military leader who stands out among history’s great conquers. He had the ability to muster men, give them a vision and motivate them to enter battle with confidence to win whatever engagement they encountered. There was immense confidence in the brilliant tactical orders that Alexander gave to his troops.

He was known for his surprise attacks and creative assaults, creating for his unsuspecting foes a surprise attack. Once he studied his objectives, he planned to create the element of surprise for his forces. His soldiers saw these tactics produce victory after victory, giving them confidence to follow his orders on their extended campaigns.

Once in order to gain a tactical advantage he led his troops through an arid dessert. It was a horrid march through heat and sand. His scouts had given them the only route through the unforgiving desolation.

During the march as his men pressed the limits of their endurance, scouts scoured the landscape for drinkable water. They came back with a single cup of thirst quenching water. Of course they handed it to their commander.

Alexander never gave his decision a hesitant thought. Instead, before all of his men who watched with parched lips, Alexander poured the cup of water on to the sand. He was heard to say, “What is one cup of water, when we ALL thirst?”

That discernment of the thoughts of his men and his identification with them was a small picture of how he was able to stir such loyalty and draw out the courage of these men. Those who can see, sense, understand and act in the best interest of those he or she leads will be successful in how they direct the lives of others.


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