Joshua 11

Joshua demonstrated that skill of discernment. Too many weak leaders are caught not knowing what to do. They are paralyzed and unable to decide or to give direction.

God was with Joshua. When this general heard that the Northern tribes were amassing themselves into an alliance to come against Israel, Joshua did not waste any time. He immediately ordered his troops to march toward the danger.

It was a five-day march to Merom, where the Northern Kings were mobilizing their forces. Historian Josephus estimates that Joshua and Israel was about to face an infantry of 300,000 soldiers, 10,000 cavalry troops and 20,000 chariots. Joshua had never faced the threat of chariots.

The general for the people of God took the aggressive initiative to attack the enemy rather than wait to be attacked. He also took advantage of the terrain to benefit his foot soldiers and nullify the chariot threat. This is leadership that discerns the challenge and devises a scheme to succeed.

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