Joshua 11

From a military perspective, the Northern kings had a formidable force to throw into battle. It was a collection of the best that armies in its day could hope to muster. They put their confidence in numbers and weapons of might.

Joshua had courageous fighting men. They were now experienced in war. Their history in battle had been only recent but they knew what it was to win in a fight.

However, down to a man they believed that their success was not in iron, spear or sword. Instead, it was the moral and spiritual component that knitted their confidence together. As a people, they believed in the God that they followed and the God who had appointed their leader, Joshua, to command them.

God gave Joshua two words of great encouragement. First, God told Joshua not to be afraid of his enemies. This is certainly worth noting because God only tells us not to be afraid of our enemy when they are frightening.

Second, God gives a prophetic promise. He tells Joshua that He will hand the enemy over to him, dead. They will be defeated and defeated soundly.

God never leads us to do something for Him without giving us all that is necessary to make us succeed. One of the most fundamental spiritual dynamics is that Christians living in obedience fight from victory not for victory.

More later…