Joshua 11

It is worth noting that this remarkable general, Joshua, was hand picked by Moses. Israel’s greatest leader mentored Joshua. Watching how well Joshua assumes his role, it seems clear that Moses saw great potential in this young man. What did Moses see in him?

Moses very likely saw in Joshua a teachable and moldable spirit. The great leader of Israel passed on valuable lessons and Joshua absorbed them. There was a humble spirit in Joshua that Moses saw, a life that soaked up all of the advice that Moses would give, Joshua paid attention.

Joshua also displayed a lifestyle that was always looking for solutions, not a chance to whine about a problem. When he could Joshua would adapt and improvise. People sought him out to follow him. Joshua was a natural leader.

When the pressure increased, Joshua seemed to get stronger. After success came his way, he deflected the glory to God. People knew him as one who would wear well under difficult circumstances.

Leaders looking to train the next generation of leaders could pick up key features by observing this leadership succession between Moses and Joshua. So much of the mentoring was about qualities of responsible spiritual living. Watch the lives of others and pass on the mantle of leadership to them.

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