Joshua 11
Part 5 of 6

Joshua’s success is indisputable. The military conquests are a historian’s marvel. Yet, the Scripture is clear. It was the LORD who directed this acquisition to Moses.

Nevertheless, God fulfilled this direction to Moses through his successor, Joshua. If God skips a generation to do what He says He will do it is not His failure but His mysterious timing. No one can ever say that God is late.

Furthermore, Joshua seemed to know that he was fulfilling what God had directed his mentor. He himself was not selfish but carefully and responsibly gave to the tribes what God wanted them to have. Leaders who are unselfish bring even more glory to God through their honoring God’s people than they do by what they achieve as a leader of men.

Peace from war comes when God wants it to happen. War can be God’s way to bring about the peace that will give people real rest. Peace is not a matter of the absence of conflict but the application of divine justice against the lives of those who rebel against the Almighty.

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