Joshua 11
Part 6 of 6

The test of leadership is the satisfaction that we achieve what God wants done, nothing more and nothing less.  If we are greedy or steal His glory in the process, then God will not let that theft go unpunished.  Leaders are as much about stewardship as they are about courageous initiative.

A confidence among spiritual leaders is self-evident.  Leaders know that when God clearly directs He also makes it possible to achieve what He asks us to do.  It is never about our assessment of the likelihood that a task can be done; rather, it is discerning what He wants us to do then stepping out in faith to do that specific task.

Mixed in with spiritual leadership is the high level of concern that leaders have for those that they lead.  Caring for our troops reflects the heart of God in every leader that He chooses.  Motivating others when they know that we love and lift them up is a combination for success.

God loves peace.  Ultimately, discern that His values are consistent with this.  When we know what He wants then we can practice great insight into what He wants to accomplish in our lives and those who are His.

Thanks for joining me on this journey through the Scriptures.